Monday, 29 March 2021

January Phytochemicals - The chemistry of oatmeal baths

Happy #PhytochemicalFriday and #HappyNewYear2021! Today: hederagenin, a triterpenoid from English ivy (Hedera helix) that is used as a biopesticide (HeadsUp Plant Protectant) to help prevent fungal growth, bacterial growth, and viral plant diseases, including white mold.

#PhytochemicalFriday! Today: deguelin - a flavonoid found in some members the bean family (Fabaceae, e.g. Lonchocarpus. Though found in nature, it's highly toxic to fish & not considered environmentally safe if used on a large scale. It's also under study as a chemotherapeutic!

Happy #PhytochemicalFriday! Today: kaempferol - a bitter-tasting compound that is found in a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, particularly capers - the flower buds of Capparis spinosa (Brassicales). Kaempferol is an antioxidant and features in many traditional medicines.

Happy #PhytochemicalFriday! Today: avenanthramides - phenolic alkaloids from oats (Avena sativa). These anti-itch compounds are abundant in colloidal oatmeal - the reason oatmeal baths can help provide relief from, for example, chicken pox!

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